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Company profile

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Jiangxi Guibo Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Our company specializes in the production of organic silicon resin. Our main products include solvent-free heat resisting methyl silicone resin, heat resisting mica adhesive high-hardness silicone, ablation and fire resistant bonded silicon resin, hardened transparent silicon resin, MQ silicon resin, silicon resin specially for water and moisture resistance, silicon resin specially for methyl phenyl organosilicon heat resisting coating, silicon resin specially for methyl phenyl organosilicon insulating paint, crylic acid, epoxy, polyester and various other modified silicone resins as well as low-cost silicone high boiling silicone resin. 
Raw materials for the synthetic silicon resin -- various silicone oil and alkoxy silane: silicone high boiling silicone oil, high boiling modified silicone oil, high boiling modified 107 room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, simethicone, phenyl methyl silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, hydroxyl silicone oil, alkoxyl silicone oil, methyl silicate, ethyl orthosilicate, methyltrimethoxysilane, methyl triethoxysilane,  phenyltrimethoxysilane, phenyltriethoxysilane, dimethoxydimethylsilane, diethoxydimethylsilane, diphenyldimethoxysilan, diethoxydiphenylsilane, etc. 
Our company also processes various coating and adhesives by means of silicon resin, such as heat resisting coating, weather-resistant coating, antisticking coating, waterproof coating, antifouling paint, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, insulation paste, and electronic packaging adhesive.