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Application field of silicone resin

In view of the above characteristics, the silicone resin is mainly used as an insulating varnish (including varnishes, enamels, lacquers, impregnated lacquers, etc.) to impregnate H class motor and transformer coils, as well as to impregnate glass cloth, Bose wire and asbestos cloth to make motor bushing and electrical insulation winding. A large area of mica sheet insulation material can be prepared by bonding silicone mica with silicone insulating paint and used as the main insulation of high voltage motor. In addition, silicon resin can also be used as a heat-resistant, weatherproof anticorrosive coating, metal protective coatings, construction engineering waterproof and moisture-proof coatings, demoulding agents, adhesives and two processing of organosilicon plastics, used in electronic, electrical and national defense industries as semiconductor packaging materials and electrical and electrical components insulation materials, such as [4].
There are three ways of curing and crosslinking of silicon resin: one is to use the hydroxyl group on the silicon atom to make a network structure by condensation polymerization, which is the main way to solidify silicon resin. The two is to use the vinyl on the silicon atom, the organic peroxide as the catalyst, similar to the silicone vulcanization, and the three is the profit. The foam silicone resin can be prepared by adding the vinyl and silicon hydrogen bonds connected to the silicon atoms, such as solvent free silicone and foaming agent. Therefore, silicone resin can be divided into silicone insulating lacquer, organosilicon coating, organosilicon plastic and organosilicon adhesive according to its main use and crosslinking way.