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What is the characteristics of high temperature resistant coatings for high temperature resistant coatings

High temperature resistant coatings, as the name suggests, are paints that can withstand high temperature oxidation and other media corrosion. In order to protect the coating material from being able to work normally under the high temperature environment, the most commonly used industrial coating product on the market is effective in preventing high temperature corrosion. What are the characteristics of the high temperature resistant coatings? Let's explore the following through the following contents.
What is a high temperature resistant coating
High temperature resistant coatings, in fact, can withstand high temperature oxidation and corrosion coatings. They can be divided into two categories: Organic high-temperature resistant coatings and inorganic high-temperature resistant coatings. The organic heat resistant coating is usually between 100 -800 C and inorganic high temperature coating at 800 C ~1800 C.
Characteristics of high temperature resistant coatings
1. it is relatively heat-resistant, the temperature can reach 1200 degrees centigrade, and some high-end products can reach 1800 degrees centigrade, which can protect equipment parts in high temperature.
2. high temperature resistant coating can form an interpenetrating network structure with the surface of the object. It has good adhesion, has a certain protective effect of heat insulation, anti oxidation, anticorrosion, fire retardant and fire protection, prolongs the service life of the matrix, and energy conservation and environmental protection.
3.. High temperature resistant paint, high hardness, scratch resistance and impact resistance. At the same time, it has good water resistance. It will not fall off under high temperature. Self curing at normal temperature, aging resistance and radiation resistance.
4. high temperature resistant coating is a prerequisite for high temperature resistance, has a certain function, long-term protection of the matrix coating. High temperature resistant coatings have excellent properties of heat resistance, acid and alkali, 1071 adhesive adhesive, insulating and anticorrosion, infrared reflection and so on. It has been widely used in various high temperature equipment and high temperature materials, and has very strong function.
Use of high temperature resistant coatings
1. high temperature resistant coatings are widely used in automotive parts, semiconductor technology, petrochemical industry, medical industry, electronic and electrical appliances and other fields. It is used in industrial facilities for high temperature anticorrosion protection of blast furnace, flue, drying channel, high temperature hot gas pipeline, heating furnace and other non-metal and metal surfaces.
2. in the manufacturing industry, it can be used for automotive brake system parts, engine parts, semiconductor tools, high temperature sensor probes, analysis instrument parts, microwave oven heat-resistant parts and so on, and so on, which need to be exposed to the high temperature environment for a long time.
3. as ceramic, glass, metal and other coating materials, can also be used as ceramic, glass, metal and other adhesives, widely used in metallurgy, natural gas mining, aerospace and other industrial fields.
4. inorganic high temperature resistant coating, commonly used to brush the high voltage electrostatic precipitator plate, can extend the service life of the electrostatic precipitator and improve the operation condition. Therefore, the departments of cement, metallurgy, electricity and so on have been paying great attention to the use of electricity.