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JG-2105 High boiling silicone oil specially for water and moisture resistance

Because this product contains active methoxyl, and ethoxy group, it is liable to be solidified into film and is often applied to the treatment of dry powder extinguishing agent, textile finishing, release agent and defoamer.

JG-2106 Modified polysiloxane specially for silicone adhesive

This product is methylpolysilicone mixture that is end capped by hydroxide radical, and it contains a few unsaturated groups and Si-H bonds. It is often applied to RTV to replace some 107 silicone rubber and is also used as the raw material of antifoulant, water-proof agent, release agent (most frequently applied to cement demoulding), textile finishing agent and defoamer.

JG-2107 Methyl Branched Chain Silicone Oil

This product is a kind of methyl silicone oil (MDT silicone oil) with branched chain, which is refined from organochlorosilane high boiling compound and DMC by complex production process. It contains a small amount of unsaturated groups and hydroxyl groups. It is often used as a plasticizer in silicone rubber. It can also be used as a demoulding agent and raw material of fabric finishing agent and defoamer.

JG-1101 Solvent-free high-temperature silicone resin

This product is polysiloxane that takes silicon oxygen bond as main chain. Upon curing crosslinking, it becomes resilient cross linked resin. It is a new type of heat resisting insulating material with excellent performance. This resin shows outstanding performance in high temperature resistance and electric insulation. It also has multiple other performance such as moisture resistance, inflaming retarding, and anti-corrosion. Its main performance is up to the advanced level of China. So far the product has come into wide use in such industries as space navigation, household appliance, electronics, electric motor, chemical engineering, modified oxidized metal, mica insulator, etc.

JG-1102 Silicon resin specially for bonding mica

resistance to high temperature, electrical insulation, moisture protection, and watertightness. It is an ideal binding material for manufacturing high-temperature mica plate and glass fiber laminated pressing plate. It can also be used as the wear resistant and polishing treating agent for marble and floor tiles. This product is relatively hard and brittle, and is high in curing degree. Moreover, there is little volatile matter during curing.

JG-1103 Ablation and fire resistant bonded silicon resin

This product is a type of resin with highly crosslinked structure. After curing, it has high hardness and can easily integrate with inorganic substance. It shows high heat resistance. When the temperature reaches glass transition temperature (800℃), there are more residues which are bonded through Si-O key and Si-C key. Therefore, it still shows higher cohesiveness in high temperatures.

JG-1104 Transparent hardened silicon resin

JG-1105 MQ silicon resin

Defoamer for food

This series of products are suitable for defoaming in water phase system of medium and low temperature food. They have the characteristics of low dosage, fast defoaming speed, long antifoaming time, odorless, non-toxic side effects and good acid and alkali resistance.
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