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Silicone oil


JG-2105 High boiling silicone oil specially for water and moisture resistance

Because this product contains active methoxyl, and ethoxy group, it is liable to be solidified into film and is often applied to the treatment of dry powder extinguishing agent, textile finishing, release agent and defoamer.

JG-2106 Modified polysiloxane specially for silicone adhesive

This product is methylpolysilicone mixture that is end capped by hydroxide radical, and it contains a few unsaturated groups and Si-H bonds. It is often applied to RTV to replace some 107 silicone rubber and is also used as the raw material of antifoulant, water-proof agent, release agent (most frequently applied to cement demoulding), textile finishing agent and defoamer.

JG-2107 Methyl Branched Chain Silicone Oil

This product is a kind of methyl silicone oil (MDT silicone oil) with branched chain, which is refined from organochlorosilane high boiling compound and DMC by complex production process. It contains a small amount of unsaturated groups and hydroxyl groups. It is often used as a plasticizer in silicone rubber. It can also be used as a demoulding agent and raw material of fabric finishing agent and defoamer.

JG-107 Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

It solidifies with cross-linking agent and catalyst in room temperature, and it can remain elastic for a long time between -60℃ and 200℃. The product shows excellent electrical property and chemical stability and is resistant to water, ozone, weather, and aging. So far the product has come into wide use in the joint filling, anti-vibration, moisture protection, and anti-corrosion of buildings, the moulding and demoulding of rubber products as well as leather slipping agent, separant, etc.

JG-2103 Hydroxyl silicone oil with low molecular mass

This product is low polysiloxane made of annulus through telomerisation. It can be used as constitution controller for producing silicone rubber and as chain extender of other products. Besides, it can be used as the water repellent treatment, mellowing and anti-stickness of fabric, paper, and leather or as cosmetics.

JG-2101 Methylsilicone oil

Silicone oil shows high resistance to high and low temperature and aging, outstanding electrical insulating property, low surface tension, fee of toxicity, taste, and physiological inertia, low viscosity temperature coefficient, higher compressibility, low volatility, excellent lubricity and other advantages. It can be used as the additive of electric insulating oil, lubricating oil, damping oil, shockproof oil, defoamer, release agent, mineral oil, etc.

JG-2102 Hydrosilicone oil

As the basic material of addition silicone rubber, addition silicone resin, addition modified silicone oil, foam stabilizer, antifoaming agent, water soluble silicone oil, and other products, when serving as the waterproof agent, anti-sticking agent, anticorrosive agent or softening agent of fabrics, dry powder medicament, paper, metal, leather, timber, glass, cement, ceramics, marble, etc., hydrosilicone oil of different hydrogen content or viscosity can be used.

JG-2201 Polymethylphenyl siloxane fluid

This product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. Like methylsilicone oil, it shows excellent electrical insulating performance, high resistance to ozone and corona as well as desirable hydrophobic performance. It is also low in viscosity-temperature coefficient and surface tension, resistant to cutting, and has large compression. Because phenyl has been introduced to molecular chain, this enables the product to surpass methylsilicone oil in terms of such performance as high temperature resistance, anti-radiation, lubrication and dissolution. Its operating temperature ranges from -50℃ to 250℃.

JG-2275 Ultra high vacuum diffusion pump oil

This product shows extremely low saturated vapor pressure, high stability, and excellent oxidation resistance, and is used as the diffusion pump oil of ultrahigh vacuum.
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